• Lisa Griffin

A new decade, a new blueprint for life!

So here we are, 3 days into the new decade. This one feels like it will bring destruction of old structures and systems, which some might find unsettling or painful. Others will see the destruction as a blessing, and will be holding space for those who feel unsettled.

I encourage you to be aware that major shifts and changes to the systems that comprise our reality are happening for the better, even if the chaos we observe during this change is frightening. I also encourage you not to get wrapped up in all the details of all the change as it plays out on the national and world stage. Instead, focus on your own happiness and creating the life you truly want to have. This life is borne from your daily practices and choices. It is the big choices, of course, but it is all the little ones too. It is opening up to your intuition and coming to a place of trust with it. This is very hard for humans to do since the message has been sent loud and clear that we need to trust only what we can see or prove. Now, in this new decade, go within and listen to that voice that shows you the way forward. Open your Pineal gland and connect it to third eye chakra for maximum connectivity to your higher power. Discern for yourself the difference between your ego shouting at you and your higher aspects showing you through synchronicity and the feeling you get in your body when you "just know" the next step to take. And be prepared for circumstances to shift very rapidly. If there is one thing that is true of this energy, it is that the new and different is manifesting in the blink of an eye. The universe is conspiring in our favor and is encouraging rapid shifting into the lives we are meant to have. These are lives free of relationships, schedules, interactions and busy work that do not feed our soul. This level of freedom and joy is absolutely possible for each of us. First, we have to be willing to be in trust and we have to be willing to live in the new reality as now, not later. That means not living in the energy of waiting for the next shoe to drop. Ever said this to yourself - "Things are ok now, but since they never stay that way for long, its just a matter of time...." . This is the expectation of impending failure, loss, grief. Folks, this is some intense programming that we have all received. (It is not the only programming we need to rewrite, but it is a big theme.) What I know is that the energy of this decade is asking us not to participate in life from this place. Come at it from the opposite place, that even when something changes, then that change is the best possible thing that could happen and life during it and on the other side of it is sweet. Let's stop anticipating (and thereby often bringing to yourself) grief and loss from a place of fear. FEAR is the opposite of TRUST. Your trust in your Self and your intuition, your vision, your sovereignty, your power and your contribution to the collective through your high vibe life IS the next decade.

If you are feeling blocked from accessing the higher energies that are available to you, I invite you to consider booking a session. Together, we can identify, remove and heal any stuck energy and any wounds that are keeping you from where you want to go in life, freeing you to easily become the best version of yourself. Check out my website - Best Life Healing Services at for a special New Year offer and more information. As always, you can email me via the website or call/text me at 720.338.2248.

I am holding space for you to be living your best possible life in the coming year and decade!

With Love,


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