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Summer of Transformation

We are all moving into powerful Leo energies that invite us to keep transforming ourselves and to anchor the energy of all things new. We just had the new moon in Leo and are ramping up to the Lion's Gate portal on 8/8. As I reflected on what this means for all of us, I was given clear and powerful direction from Higher Self and Source about the topic for the summer blog post. This energy is asking us to look at ourselves and see what needs to be shed, transformed, and given up to be transmuted so that new can come in. If there is one thing that we all want. it is something new, because as we look around we see the chaos that has manifested as a result of the old ways. One aspect of these Leo energies is the call to look at how you think of your self and how you present yourself to the world. Do you love yourself and your body? Do your clothes represent who you are? Are your words and actions to your self and others reflective of who you are, who you want to be?

My attention was called to the way we think of our own bodies and the way we dress our bodies. The most important thing here is how we think of our bodies. Most people I know find serious fault with their bodies, and are sending themselves messages of negativity or even hate. Yikes! As we know, if you have a cup of water and write "love" on the cup, the molecular structure of the water becomes alive and activated. When you write "hate" on it the molecules begin to die. So, your body is no different. When you look in the mirror and you criticize what you see, you are sending that negative message to your entire body. Please stop doing that!!! Instead, send yourself messages of acceptance and love. Even if you don't fully believe it at first, think it anyway. Write it on your mirror, or say it out loud to bring it in to the physical. The more you think and say it, the more you will actually believe it. Thoughts are things! Self love and acceptance are transformational, and that transformation will always bring in something new and much better.

Now that we know why your words and thoughts matter, you may wonder what your clothes have to do with this. Well, do you like your clothes? Maybe you really love cotton but you keep wearing polyester, for example. Or you don't buy quality clothes even though you want them because you are not worth the investment, or your are gonna lose 20 lbs this year so why bother. Do they feel comfortable on your body? Do they represent who you are? Do they make you feel the way you want to feel every day? Do they make you feel powerful or do they help your hide your body in shame? So many of us have some body dysmorphia going on, and we don't have a realistic view of ourselves. We think things are much worse than they are or that other people only see our "flaws". The shame energy is carried on a very low frequency and has disastrous effects on lives, and yet every time you see an ad you are given more reasons to not be satisfied with the vehicle in which you choose to experience this incarnation.

Telling yourself every day you much you love your body and how grateful you are to have one is really important. After you've done that, its time to get dressed for the day. Put on something you love that makes you feel fabulous and comfortable. Something that expresses who you are proudly for everyone to see. Living in this type of self love and self acceptance will help you shed all kinds of excess baggage quickly.

I was also asked by Higher Self to share another way you can love your body, that is quickly becoming a very important topic for many people. This is about our tendency to eat processed food. We all know that the stuff that's in there is terrible for the body. Consider that ingredients in processed food affects your emotions, too. There are tons of nuerotoxins lurking that suppress good feelings, not to mention that horrible stomach ache you get after fast food! When you start the process of speaking your love for your body and living in that truth, when you eat toxic food, expect your body to revolt!

So, will you take the challenge of actively loving your body, feeding yourself healthfully, dressing yourself proudly and authentically, thereby helping yourself to step into your amazing power while holding the space or others to do the same? I hope so and I'd love to hear what you think about this.

As always, if you need help in this or any other area of your life and would like a session with me, check out my website at to contact me or book an appointment.

Sending you all love and light,


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