• Lisa Griffin

Spring has sprung, so what "spring cleaning" are you doing?

The energy every spring has us all looking for ways to refresh and renew our lives. This spring is even more intense than normal and most of us are feeling it. Full moons, new moons, the equinox and you name it, it's all building, and for many it's hard to ignore. Spring cleaning is a good way to move this energy through. and allows us to grow while holding the space for others as well. Now, friends, this is a multi-faceted and multi-level activity. The most obvious is the actual cleaning of the physical space.This is important and not to be overlooked. It always feels good to dust and clean out drawers and closets, to wipe down the switch plates and door knobs. When you clear the space in your home you clear the space in your mind, and practicing non- attachment to stuff never hurts either. This year how about rearranging the furniture, buying new furniture, or bring new colors in to your space? Use Feng Shui or do whatever feels good to you to get the stuck energy moving and flowing!

Another effective, but often more challenging, way to clean up is to take an honest look at your relationships. Are you in relationship/s that no longer serve you? Most of us are. The energy on Gaia right now, and Gaia herself, is pushing us to look at all the people in our lives and even bringing back past relationships for analysis. This can be overwhelming, ungrounding, scary, liberating, unwanted, wanted, confusing and so many other things. Will you take the challenge to look closely at those in your life with whom you share your space, time, energy and body? Do a boundary check and be honest about what you allow and if those allowances serve you or the other person. Are you getting by or thriving? This takes courage to be sure. And all that personal work leads to what? Clearing space and holding space for New! New influx of vitality, new people, new opportunities, new situations, new joy. And who doesn't need more of that stuff? Some spring cleaning can lead to making room on every level to help bring forth the life you came here to live. Not just any old life, the life you actually want, full of the experiences that fill you with joy frequently, not just occasionally. That is a birthright not a privilege, people. You chose to be here to learn and grow and to know what it is to be a piece of God expressing itself as you. God is Love, God is Joy, and since you are an aspect of God, shouldn't your life reflect that fact?

My question to you this spring is -- what will YOU do for spring cleaning??

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